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About Me

This site is purely self indulgent.

I'm a Marxist which acts as a kind of foundation to a lot of my views and perspectives, like my anti-war, anti-Big Tech and anti-surveillance perspectives. Obivously I'm not a dogmatic Marxist and I am capable of critical thinking and having my own nuanced thoughts and perspectives that are influenced by what I consume. Also, I am VERY paranoid.

My particular areas of interest are:

I find a website of my own is a functional and ethical way to communicate and share my ideas because I believe in a decentralised internet, rather than a Zuckerberg owned internet that tracks me and sells my information to large conglomerates interested in cash and cash alone. Not only that, but a decentralised internet allows the users their own agency in what they see, consume, and put on the internet.

I'm still learning about a lot of things tech and history and philosophy-wise, so bare with me, or feel free to argue with me on something I've written — ideas can change, and I'm always up for a healthy debate.

Please ignore, the "â€". It's meant to be an em dash, but because of stupid character encoding shit that I simply do not have the patience to deal with I am not going to fix it. I cannot have peace.